Fishin’ in the rain

Published 4:37 pm Monday, July 18, 2011

Dale Murray, diggin’ in a dried-up pond on his place, dug up two pieces of fat pine, 18” in diameter and 18 feet long. There must have been a grist mill there 150 years ago.

Chris Neely and Mike Sloan took his Tunnel Boat and went up Hell’s Gait and stopped where Ichuaway-Notcheway Creek runs into the Flint. We understand Chris did all or most of the fishen. There was a lot of shoal bass taken on that trip.

Muskie Jitterbugs has been paying off good for one fisherman, the main thing to remember is that he’s coming in as most fishermen are going out “early morning.”

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A huge hatch of Willow Flies and Dragon Flies are over in the Hootch near the man-made island. May have, by this time, been blown in the water by rain down falls.

Pam and Steven Wells took a limit of big bream, 12 hybred and several huge bass.

Allen Carter passed the word to me that he is fishing on 13 bream/shellcracker beds. He goes every day, sometimes in the rain.

Matt Baty, with 18 lbs. of bass, won the Sportsman Outfitter’s Tournament out of Trail’s End.

Paul Tyre and Nic Jeter placed 1st in the Media Bass Tournament with 29.05 lbs. of Bass. Since they were missing church to fish the tournament, they took their Bible out and held church on the water.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

July 17, 2011

Lake Surface Temp: 84∞

Lake Level:Down 1 Foot

Clarity: Slite Stain

Flint: Slite Stain

Chattahoochee: Clear and Fast

Spring Creek: Clear and Low

Report provided by: Jack Wingate