Commercial Printing

A service of Bainbridge Media, LLC is a full-service printing department. Our commercial printing department specializes in high-quality non-heatset web offset products, including broadsheet newspapers, tabloid newsletters, shoppers, advertising inserts, direct mail pieces and glued booklets on standard and premium grades of newsprint and uncoated book papers. We also operate a complete non-heatset offset sheet department, bindery, and mailing services.

Web Offset Printing

The center of Commercial Printing’s web production is a thirteen-unit Goss/DGM community SSC press with a maximum run capacity of 24 broadsheet pages, including eight pages in full color. Additional spot or process color is available with reduced page capacity. The press is equipped with an upper former which allows one run to be divided into two sections. In-line press gluing and three-knife trimmer capabilities make production of 8.5×11 inch, self-cover glue-bound booklets on newsprint or 50# uncoated book papers extremely efficient and economical.

Graphic Design & Prepress

Commercial Printings graphic design and composition department is equipped with state-of-the-art Apple terminals, software and servers. This department is staffed by designers and compositors experienced in Quark, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Our graphic designers can create brochures, publications or mailing pieces ‘from scratch’ to meet client needs or work from client-created files in most of the popular programs-receiving files via the Internet or on disks. Our designers output files directly to plates via one Kodak Trendsetter or to film via two Konica EV-Jetsetter imagesetters, providing high-quality, fine resolution reproduction.

Kodak Trendsetter

Kodak Trendsetter

Recently incorporated into the Boone Newspaper family, The Post-Searchlight in Bainbridge, Ga. is now using cutting edge computer-to-plate technology in their press operations.

Modernizing production, the pre-press aspect of Bainbridge Media has shed its old skin, now using a Kodak Trendsetter 70 News platesetter.

Many newspaper publishers across the country and abroad have opted to upgrade to the new technology in efforts to improve quality, cut costs and increase production time. The machine uses Kodak Squarespot Thermal Imaging heads and semi automated plate loading with the capability of creating 24 single plates every hour.

General Manager, Mark Pope explained the significance of the new machine and its capabilities.

“We still had a horizontal camera and two single page width image setters,” Pope said. “Moving to the new Trendsetter 70, we are saving significant production time.”

Creating 4 color front and back page plates, that a few months ago would have taken nearly 45 minutes to produce, are now ready for the press in less than 10 minutes, he said.

A unique feature the machine offers is “chemical free” plate processing.

“When it comes out of the machine all we have to do is punch it, bend it and mount it on the press,” Pope said.

The Trendsetter has nearly eliminated the need for numerous antiquated tools like image setters, film strippers and plate burners although they will still have their place at The Post-Searchlight.

“We will maintain our current film image setters and plate burners to provide a backup to the Trendsetter system, but with the new technology we can provide plates to the press chemical free,” Pope said.

He said although the plates used by the machine are more expensive, the difference is more than made up for in not having to purchase film, chemicals for film and plates and increasing production time by more than 400 percent.

The Kodak Prinergy software has also taken away many of the pre-press obstacles and woes faced in the past by providing new color processing features and pre-fabricated templates, said Beverly Stubbs, pre-press supervisor.

Pope said he is happy with the new technology that has performed up to all expectations.

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