Big bream, cracker week

Published 7:04 pm Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ELLA GRACE STRAUGHN, daughter of Cliff and Brandy Straughn, with a huge bream she caught while out fishing with her dad.

A Quincy boat reported a big mess of bream on crickets, a Valdosta boat reported 32 on Wednesday and 25 on Thursday on red wigglers.

Alan Carter has found 30 shellcracker and 48 bream beds, some as deep as 12 feet and some as shallow as 2 feet. If you happen to see his green topped pontoon boat, pull up close and he’ll put you on fish.

Steve Culverson and Brandon Smith had a limit of big shellcrackers.

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Lonnie O’Neal and Jim Merritt took a pile of fish on wigglers.

It has been a bream and shellcracker week if there ever was one here. Bream beds and cracker beds just most everywhere you look.

Only one good catch of bass was reported, 11 in one day.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

July 24, 2011

Lake surface temp: 84

Lake level: Down 1/2 foot

Clarity: Slite color

Flint: Slite color

Chattahoochee: Clear fast

Spring Creek: Upper color

Report provided by: Jack Wingate