Willow flies on the Hootch

Published 7:12 pm Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All week long there has been limits of crappie, crackers, bream and hybreds. If you cain’t catch them now you mite as well stay home.

Willow Flies are out on the Hootch. While we are about it, there are over 2,000 species of the “May Fly.”  They do not bite, they are the fresh water shrimp. The egg is deposited in silt, it may lay dormant for years then hatch out to make the fresh water shrimp, the shrimp then comes to the surface, sheds its hull and flies into the wind.  If the wind is lite, it will make it to land, however, if the wind is too strong, they will land on a point of land, maybe 50 feet in the air. Anything in the water will feed on them, most things on land will eat them, black birds, squirrels and coons.

I tell this story for all the people who have wondered why no flies was on the Flint, the Flint flooded all spring leaving no silt on the Flint.

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There is lots of silt on the Hootch backwater and some in and around to the old Coast Guard Station.

The Saterday Nite Big Bass Tournament was won by Steve Holt and Hubert Stafford with a 5.24-pounder.

There was Saterday, limits of bream and crackers on crickets and wigglers upstream. One boat had two limits of crappie taken on minnows.

I think I’ll take a rest next week so there won’t be no ramlins.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

July 3, 2011

Lake surface temp: 86

Lake level: Down foot

Clarity: Clear

Flint: Clear

Chattahoochee: Clear

Spring Creek: Clear

Report provided by: Jack Wingate