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Are you excited about church?

The past several months have been unlike anything we have experienced before. Read more

3 days ago by James Scarborough.

Surprised that Anyone would watch

The news reported that the television ratings for the return of Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association games were very low. Read more

3 days ago by Lynn Roberts.

Keeping up with the cookbooks

Cookbooks - Who needs them? Read more

7 days ago by Carolyn Iamon.

Sara eats shellfish by the seashore in Massachusetts

When asked how to describe a typical meal in Nantucket, Massachusetts, my college roommate answered, “perfect oysters you don’t even need a cracker or sauce ... Read more

1 week ago by Staff Reports.

Show a little compassion along life’s way

One of the many things that my wife does with the children at church is making cards of encouragement for the sick and those going ... Read more

1 week ago by James Scarborough.

Mr. MyPillow

I have always thought that the fellow who passionately caresses those pillows on television was a little weird. Read more

1 week ago by Lynn Roberts.

Reflections on two great men

Occasionally your words take you where you had no intention of going.  Read more

1 week ago by Dan Ponder.

When depression sneaks in

Many of us have been struggling lately, and I am no different. Read more

2 weeks ago by Jill Holloway.

Discussing current events with Skeeter Skates and friends

I could tell by the way the phone jumped straight up when it rang who was on the line. Read more

2 weeks ago by Dick Yarbrough.

Don’t Kick a Gift Horse

A friend called and said, “I’ve got a mess of peas for you.” Read more

2 weeks ago by Lynn Roberts.

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