Jack’s trip to N’awlins

Published 2:08 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We were at New Orleans last weekend for the Bassmaster Classic. There was several things that I think you mite like to know. A few years back, we was at Pittsburg and watched Kevin Van Dam set the record for the smallest weight of fish caught in a classic and in New Orleans, thanks to new radar teck-nowligy we saw him set the record for the most bass in a classic. The fog was so thick we could not see the ground from the seventh floor.

The radar helped him travel the 100 miles to Venice, La., where his fish was on bed. They already had sonar and depth sounders at the best, now radar.

Then as we were checking out of the rooms to come home, the bill, above the cost of the room there was $138 tax, called the dome tax and every motel in New Orleans collected that tax. We had two rooms and never came within one block of the dome.

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The Crappie has bedded down in the Lilie Pads, there seems to be thousands of them and they are very busy laying eggs on the lilie pad stems.

Bass are fanning beds and there is plenny of them locked down tite, shellcrackers are ready to do it too.

The Panhandle Heat Softball Teams Tournament went like this, Reggie Calhoun/Yakin took first place with 20.81 pounds, Dill and Dill took second place with 19.34 pounds, and Jamie Sneed and Trent Hill took third with 19.06 pounds. Tommy King had Big Fish with a 6.16-pounder.

A Valdosta Club fished out with Jerry Pridgen taking first place with 15.12 pounds and Big Fish at 4 pounds. Earl Roberson took second with 10.03 pounds, and George Roberson took third with 6 pounds. Some gottem and some didn’t.

The Blind Eye Tournament out of Seminole Lodge with Page winning with 23.87 pounds, Clint Brown and Terry Stevens took second with 23.07 pounds. The Big Fish was Ed Griffin with 7.32 pounds.

The Jack Wingate Open Tournament will be held this Saturday here at Wingate’s. We hope to have a big crowd for that one. The cafe will be open early to feed them all before they launch.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

February 27, 2011
Lake surface temp: 64
Lake level: Down some
Flint: Cloudy
Chattahoochee: Clear
Spring Creek: Clear
Report provided by: Jack Wingate