Signs of spring, hoping?

Published 2:43 pm Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Redbirds in man’s yard both male and female Thursday, two Red Buds in full bloom, these are sure signs of spring (I hope!!!).

The 2 1/2-inch cold rain that fell Frieday nite chilled the water down on Seminole until the bass dove for warmer water. The jack fish came to the surface and tore the spinner baits up.

Bowen Brown this past Friday took 19 crappie on bass lures.  He is about 5 or 6 years old.  He will sling a lure boat as much as anyone and hit rite where he’s trying to hit. Hunts deer with his mom and dad, fishes ever chance he gits.

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All this past week the crappie has showed up, some on minnows and some on jigs. As the spring-time comes on they will take the jigs more often, however, as I’ve sed before, there will always be minnow fishermen cause you cannot worry and watch a cork.

Thursday morning a group from Pensacola took 30 bass up to 8 pounds. Many were in the 6-pound range, they did not want to leave but decided to go on after checking the heavy weather that was on its way here. Sure nuff it got here and another cold front to boot.

After attending Boyd’s Annual Fish Fry Friday nite and the boat show Saterday where Time Horton and Paul Elias was on hand to talk boats, trolling motors, depth finders, I found out on my way home that the Chattahoochee was choclet colored, the Creek real dingy colored and the Flint coloring fast.

The Bainbridge Bass Club fished out on Talquin had the following results: Richard Predmore, first with 7.01 pounds, John Ross, second with 6.48 pounds, and Rodney Smith had Big Fish at 6.05 pounds.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

February 6, 2011
Lake surface temp: 56
Lake level: Near full
Clarity: Cloudy—Clear in coves
Flint: Colored
Chattahoochee: Choclet
Spring Creek: Real Dingy
Report provided by: Jack Wingate