Bass are bitin’

Published 2:40 pm Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fort Benning is doubling its land mass size, all the Armoured Divisions will be moved from Fort Knox to Benning with the workshops and troop housing on the Georgia side and the housing for the families on the Alabama side.

Georgia has Fort Benning, Albany Marine Base, Fort Stewart, a huge Sub Base at Brunswick, and the Valdosta Air Base, yet we have no incentives for veterans to retire in Georgia. Alabama does, tis possible that we (our gov-mint) need to put some time on this.

We have had 16 nice crappie on minnows from one boat, 17 crappie on minnows in another boat, 35 crappie made on minnows and 30 crappie taken on jigs all hosses.

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Thirteen bass taken on plastic from another boat.

The Valdosta Christian Bass Club had the following results: Jerry Browning came in first with 7.88 pounds, Roger Meeks took second with 7.02 pounds and James McMullen took third with 6.78 pounds. John Foss had Big Fish with a 6.4-pounder.

Saterday, Fishermen For the Hungry went like this: First place went to Chris Blackmon and Matt Baty with 26.36 pounds, and Big Fish at 6.56 pounds, second place went to Holt and Stafford with 24.72 pounds and third place went to Meeks and Partner with 23.76 pounds. A very pretty day, no wind, lite breeze.

An 80-pound white amur carp was shot with a bow and arrow by Billy Hudalla of Alpharetta, Ga. This is most likely the record in America.

C&R fished out of Wingate’s on Sunday with the results as follows: First place was taken by Clint Brown and Terry Stephens with 28-plus pounds!

Wingate’s Fishing Report

January 30, 2011
Lake surface temp: 56
Lake level: Down some
Clarity: Cloudy
Flint: Cloudy
Chattahoochee: Clear
Spring Creek: Slite stain
Report provided by: Jack Wingate