Duck hunting opens with a bang

Published 11:40 am Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Duck hunting opened Saterday morning with a big bang. Saterday, the guns were a solid roar in the area where the Creek, Fish Pond Drain and the Flint come together. Very few shots were heard in our area or up the Creek.

Some boats did well on opening day. Wood ducks are plentiful this year on the open lake due to the extremely dry weather this summer and fall. Very few wet-weather ponds have water in them so the Wood Ducks have to roost on the lake at night. To me the Wood Duck is the best tasting duck that flies due to the acorns that he eats. The same goes with Pork, Hogs fattened on acorns taste better to me than those on corn. Maybe my taster is out of whack, maybe that’s why I like Doves better than Quail.

Another thing that will affect the Duck population is the lack of cold weather. Hopefully this winter the cold will push the Ducks south. The wasp has its nest high up on the posts and trees in the lake and the hornets nests are 15 to 20 foot in the air. The Althea Plant (Frost Plant) has green buds on it instead of cotton white, that means lite frost.

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We had a banner week here this week on Crappie (Specks), there was some gooduns taken on Jigs, but most of them were caught with Minnows. There was one catch of 32 with not one under 1.5 lbs. Faceville Landing has been very productive on them.

The Bass finally turned on this week. On Monday, Scott Kerslake went out and caught some nice bass and on Friday, Paul Tyre caught a huge bass.

We Georgia folks should set down with the Florida folks and work out some entanglements on our game laws. Since our borders run 200 miles or more, seems like we could work out sumthing that would be fair to all concerned.

One must remember that this coming Saterday, Swine Time in Climax (their chitlins are the best ever!) The three wooden courthouses are now on the property. They are a very valuable addition to the Hog Day grounds.

We’d like to let you know that Wingate’s will be hosting the 1st Annual Wingate’s American Indian Inter-Tribal Christmas Powwow on December 17th, 18th and 19th.  On that Saterday, the Hydrilla Gnats will be hosting a bass tournament for the powwow. More on that next week.

Wingate’s Fishing Report
November 21, 2010
Lake Surface Temp: 69
Lake Level: Down Some
Clarity: Clear
Flint: Clear (Greenish)
Chattahoochee: Clear
Spring Creek: Clear
Report provided by: Jack Wingate