Whole lot of bitin’

Published 7:51 pm Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bainbridge Bass Club fished out Saterday with the following results (folks, these are people who fish Seminole regular): 1st Place went to Rodney Smith with 7.77 lbs., 2nd Place went to Joey Farris with 5.50 lbs. and 3rd Place went to Cedric Suber with 2.26 lbs. Joey Farris had Big Fish, a 2.93 lbs. Shoal Bass. However, while this was going on, a couple of folks practicing for one of the tournaments next week had 20 lbs. of Bass, one at 8 lbs. and one gentleman had one strike all day, but it weighed 8 lbs.

The Backwoods Bass Classic fished also, 1st Day on Lake Eufala, 2nd Day on Seminole. One contestant didn’t get bit on Seminole.

On Thursday Mr. Cutrite had 5, up to 13.5 lbs. and Mr. Sloan had 5 up to 7 .5 lbs. on Plastic. This is the total Bass fishen news this week. Bassin’ is slow! That will change by the end of the week as dark nites approach us.

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Crappie and Catfish is the fish of the week this week. Bream and Crackers have slowed down. Thursday 25 Crappie taken on Minnows. On Wednesday, 2 fair catches of Crappie on Jigs and 35 nice Crappie taken on Minnows in the stumps. 2 limits of Crappie taken on Minnows with 4 folks fishen.

Catfish were taken each day of the week except Friday on Wigglers and one boat used small cuts of Hot Dog Weiners.

We note with great interest that the E.P.A. is NOT going to ban lead in shotgun shells or bullits on Migratory Birds. They say they do not have the authority to do that. They are still studying the fishen lead problem.

We also note that the Red Wasp are building their nest up about 5 foot and the Hornet nest up about 14 to 20 foot high. Last year they were just above the hi-water mark and the Hornet nest 6 foot of the water. We should have a lite winter.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

October 3, 2010

Lake Surface Temp: 72
Lake Level: 1 foot down
Clarity: Cloudy Up-River
Flint: Cloudy
Chattahoochee: Clear
Spring Creek: Clear
Report provided by: Jack Wingate