Hunting seasons spelled out

Published 6:50 am Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We have for you, in case you don’t have them, the seasons for Migratory Birds, Ducks and Geese.

Doves by the time you read this, the first season will be out on the 19th.  Second Dove season is October 9th to the 17th. Third and final, is November 23rd to January 8th.

Ducks, Teal season is from the 11th of September to the 26th. Youth Days are November 13th and 14th.  Thanksgiving season is November 20th to the 28th and the last season is December 11th to January 30th.

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Goose season is as follows:  September 4th to the 28th, November 20th to the 28th and December 11th to January 30th. These are by Napa Auto Parts, Havana, Fla.

The second thing we need to talk about is the number of Big Snakes killed in our area. Several big rattlesnakes were killed close to us, one crossed a mowed lawn where five small children were playing and killed at their mailbox across the road. Copperheads have been killed in our area also.  They can do well in water as well as land.

At 12 noon last Friday, there was six deer feeding in the field here at Wingates. Five were seen coming down the hi-hill into the valley Thursday and many other sitings along with a Red Fox and some pups.

The next is the good luck the “Pole” fisherman is having. Mr. Carroll and Mr. Mobley of Cairo, Ga., had 37 big bream and four big catfish. Two limits of crappie were taken on Thursday, 17 big channels on wigglers and he sed the first four bites he had broke his line. Many other boats had good meat to take home.

Bass fishen has been a drag this week. A very few were caught. Six boats were on the lake Friday getting ready for the two BASS tournaments in October.  We understand that the ramps at the boat basin will be dedicated at 4 p.m. on Oct. 6.

The Jack Wingate Open Fall Finale Tournament was won by Brad and Lance Reynolds with 16.78 pounds.  Second place went to Clay Wells and Mason Brock with 15.81 pounds. Third place went to Reid Heard and Travis Martin with 11.61 pounds. Big Fish was caught by Clay Wells and Mason Brock.

Increased boat traffic will cloud the waters of the Flint and Chattahoochee rivers for the next eight weeks.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

September 19, 2010
Lake surface temp: 77
Lake level: 1 foot down
Clarity: Clear
Flint: Clear
Chattahoochee: Clear
Spring Creek: Clear
Report provided by: Jack Wingate