Catfish are meat of the week

Published 2:06 pm Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catfish was the meat fish of the week several parties on spring break, took coolers of cats home with them.

Two young men from Niceville and Crestview had to go home early because all of their coolers were full of catfish.

Allen Carter reported 200 shellcrackers in two days fishing in site of Bass Island Campground. Some bream have bit, mostly small worms and on crickets.

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The C&R Tournment was held Sunday at Wingates with the following results: First place went to Merritt and Luke with five at 24.10 pounds; Neel and King took second with 20.80. Third went to Bushore and Wenhold with 10.90 pounds. Neel and King had Big fish 5.55 pounds.

The Hydrilia Gnats fished Sunday below Jim Woodruff Dam with the line up like this: First place went to Greg Jeter with 10.85 and Koundourakis with 9.7 pounds took second. Chris Neely took third with 9.00 pounds, and big fish 6.62 went to Nick Brown.

The owner of C&R went fishing with Richard Predmore, had five fish limit of 23.00 pounds of bass using top water and flippen.

Bainbridge Bass Club fishing out of Coheelee Creek Park on Lake Andrews finished like this Richard Predmore first with 15.41 and big fish 5.44. Second was Joey Farris 9.23 of  Tallahassee, third Stan McCollen with 7.81 all three had five fish limits, McCollen is also from Florida.

The Bassin gals fished Lake Talquin Saturday, Mrs Lonnie Walsh of Coon Bottom took first place with 14.50 pounds of bass, Mrs. Mursha Brown took second place with 12 pounds of bass, she’s from Bettstown, Ga. Mrs. Sarah Johnson took third place with 11 pounds of  bass, she lives on Lake Talquin. Mrs. Toni Scott had big fish a 5.44 pounds.

The Unlimited Club of Boluxi, Miss., fished out at Wingates, the results first Guegedy Nelson, 21.35 pounds. John Love second with 20.36, third went to J.D. Reddis with 20.25, he had big fish 6.78 and is from Gauties, Miss. They had a great time and one man took a net full of Jack fish home with him.

The bass has bit like crazy all week long, as many as 300 bass was taken this week up to 10 pounds.  There was several 7, 8, and 9s taken, all but 1 limit of 10 bass was taken for the supper table one evening.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

April 11, 2010

Lake surface temp:   68 Lake level: Down some Clarity: Muddy and clearing Flint:  Some mud clearing Chattahoochee: Cloudy and fast Spring Creek: Blue-green Report provided by:   Jack Wingate