Sports Beat

NFL draft is an inexact science

While watching the National Football League player draft from New York’s Radio City Music Hall on television last week, I came to several conclusions. Read more

Solid pitching is the best part of watching a baseball game

There are so many different things I love about the game of baseball. Read more

Braves pitching rules the team so far this season

Baseball can be a very frustrating sport to follow. There are so many highs and lows from game to game. A hitter can go 4-for-4 ... Read more

Bubba the bulldog is on the top

Green was everywhere last weekend, but black and red ruled the golf world at the end of the day. For the second time in three ... Read more

Will Tiger ever bounce back?

The news of Tiger Woods not playing at the 2014 Masters hit April 1, and I honestly thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Read more