Strong cross-country teams honored

Published 12:10 pm Friday, November 30, 2012

HIGH-SCHOOL WINNERS: Top Bainbridge High School Bearcats cross-country runners and Lady Cats cross-country runners display their awards. Shown are: seated, left to right, Paige Braswell, Amber Braswell, Erin Caplan, Jordan Graham and Caitlin Cato; standing, left to right, Bennett Enfinger, Dexter Lagace, Javontae, Ross, Chase Harris and Hunter Savage.

The Bainbridge High School and Bainbridge Middle School Bearcats and Lady Cats cross-country teams celebrated their outstanding seasons Tuesday night, at their annual awards banquet at the First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall.

Awards were presented by coach Lisa Enfinger and community coach Greg Waddell. The high-school Bearcats and middle-school Bearcats and Lady Cats were region champions, and the high-school Lady Cats were third in the region.

Chase Harris finished second overall in the region, completing the 5,000-meter (3.1-mile) course in a time of 17 minutes, 2 seconds. Lady Cats sisters Paige and Amber Braswell were second and fourth overall, with times of 20:59 and 21:43, respectively.

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Taking most improved middle school runner awards Tuesday night were Lady Cat Gracen Ward and Bearcat Jamori Register. The most outstanding middle school runners were Lady Cat Madison Wiggins and Bearcat Carson Inlow.

Middle school rookies of the year were Colby Nix and Emily Rose Martin.

Middle school coaches awards for outstanding work ethic went to Kameron Timmons and Wright Cook.

High school rookies of the year were Lady Cat Jordan Graham and Bearcat Bennett Enfinger. High school most outstanding runners were Paige Braswell and Chase Harris.

Most improved high school runner awards went to Lady Cat Erin Caplan and Bearcat Dexter Lagace. The high school rookies of the year were Lady Cat Jordan Graham and Bearcat Bennett Enfinger.

June Faircloth presented the Dylan Reid Faircloth the First Memorial Cross Country Scholarship, named in honor and memory of her late son, to Amber Braswell.

High school coaches awards went to team captains Javontae Ross and Amber Braswell.

Scholar athletes were seniors Hunter Savage and Caitlin Cato. Other senior leaders were Javontae Ross and Amber Braswell.