Bowling – To the matter at hand

Published 3:23 pm Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello, Bowlers!

Hi! We haven’t talked for a while, and I appologize for that. Life’s tough right now but getting better, so I will push right into the matter at hand. We just completed the last week-end of our 10th Annual Port City USBC Championships, and I have the results right here! I was hoping to get pictures, but I can get them in later, I know you just can’t wait another minute for the results, so here goes:

I’ll start with the ladies. First place team event goes to “Just Us Girls,” with a score of 2598. Team members were Barbara Camp, Maxine Johnson, Millie Cross and LaVerne Holman. Second place went to “Pin Breakers,” with a score of 2552. Team members were Nancy Gray, LaVerne Holman, Alma Humphrey and Gerda Strickland. Third place belongs to “Mind ‘N the Gutter.” Team members were Jean Reynolds, Jackie Thomas, Dot McQuaig and Mary Rykard.

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Open Division team winners were first place,“We are Here” with a score of 2807. Team members were Matt Miller, Gina Bollotta, Davis Belcher and Derick Proulx. Second place went to “Four Play” with a score of 2754. Team members were Dena Horne, Tina Emmons, Alan Emmons and Brandon Horne. Third place went to “Bainbridge Portable Outbuildings” with a score of 2649. Team members were Nancy Gray, Albert Barnes, Russell Brown and Alan Giles.

In ladies’ doubles competition, first place goes to Amanda Day and Lisa Shreves with a score of 1312. Second place belongs to Nancy Gray and LaVerne Holman with a score of 1309. Third place goes to Alma Humphrey and Gerda Strickland, 1299.

Open doubles winners are Brandon Horne and Alan Emmons with 1373. Second place went to Burl Peters and Mike Romans with 1369. Third place goes to James Watts and Ron Shreves with 1356.

Ladies’ singles event winners are first, Nancy Gray, 673; second; Amanda Day, 662; and third, Valerie Schultz with 653.

Open division winners are: first place, Ron Shreves, 709; second place, Brandon Horne, 703; and third place, Burl Peters, 701.

Ladies’ all-events winners are, first place, Nancy Gray, 2007; second place, Gerda Strickland, 1925; and third place, Alma Humphrey, 1884.

Open division all-events (Handicap) winners are: first place, Brandon Horne, 2136; second place, Earl Starling, 2107; and third place, Alan Emmons, 2057.

Congratulations to all our champions, and my sincere thanks to Valerie Schultz, who was the tournament director this year. Outstanding job! Also, thanks to all who participated in the tournament, you are all winners (but of course you already know that).

We are starting a “Braggin’ Rights Merchant League” March 15 (Tuesday) at 7 pm. All merchants who place a team in the league will have their company logo posted in the center for the duration of the league and will receive a trophy. Lots of fun, trash talkin’, and competition. Get four people together and give me a call at 246-5530 to get your team into the league.

League standings will follow in the next installment, and I will try to be prompt and accurate.

Until then, keep on bowling!