Minnows bring in crappie catches

Published 7:23 pm Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Politics in Washington greatly remind me of the icebergs I saw in the North Atlantic, it ain’t the 10 percent of ice you see on top of the water you got to watch, it’s the 90 percent thats underwater that will clean your plate every time and leave you pennyless.

May I remind you that November 11th was General George Patton’s birthday, what a great man he was.

We have had a good week on crappie, some boats had up to 57 in them. There seems to be no let up on them with minnows. However, the jigs are not paying off like they should. Who knows what makes a fish bite or not bite? However, when a man comes to buy 10 dozen minnows, you can bet your bottom dollar they know something.

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Tri-State fished out of Wingate’s Saterday and this is their results. 1st Place went to Ed Griffin with 6.3 lbs., David Mock had Big Fish with 4.48 lbs. They moved to Talquin on Sunday for the second day of their tournament.

Blind Eye Outfitters fished out of Sneads Park with breakfast served to everyone. Here is the results: Clint Brown took 1st Place with 21.95 lbs., Greg Jeter took 2nd with 11.15 lbs., Brent Zapata took 3rd with 11.11 lbs., David Hinton took 4th with 7.74 lbs. and Mike Sloan took 5th with 7.25 lbs. Clint had the Big Fish with 5.84 lbs. This is to only show you how tough the fishin is.

Wingate’s Fishing Report
November 14, 2010
Lake Surface Temp: 71º F
Lake Level: Down 1 foot
Clarity: Clear
Flint: Clear
Chattahoochee: Clear
Spring Creek: Clear
Report provided by: Jack Wingate