Has This Ever Happened to You?

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, February 16, 2022

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There are some things that happen more often than not. For instance, there are times when you expect a telephone call. You put off doing some things because you don’t want to miss the call. Things like taking a shower. You may wait half a day.

The call never comes and, that’s okay, so you “jump” in the shower. Actually you don’t jump in the shower. That’s too dangerous, but you carefully get in the shower and you’re not there thirty seconds and guess what? Your telephone rings! Has that ever happened to you?

How about this? You are taking the coins out of your pocket to put on the dresser. A quarter falls to the floor and just happens to land on its edge and begins to roll. It doesn’t stop rolling in a convenient place so that you can easily pick it up, but, instead, rolls under the dresser. At the edge of the dresser?

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No. It keeps rolling all the way to that place that is just far enough that you cannot reach it. So you have to get some apparatus like a yard stick (know what that is?) to push it to a place where you can get it. All that for a quarter! That ever happened to you?

Or say you’re going to the store. You lock the door behind you and just as you close the door, you realize that you have forgotten your car keys. And what other important key is on the key chain? The house key, of course, and you’re locked out of your house. That’s happened more times than once and I have learned to hide a house key so that I don’t have to crawl through a window. I’m too old to crawl through a window!

Has this ever happened to you? That store I was going to for an important item. I go and get four things I didn’t need and get home to remember the one item that I had needed, but didn’t get. I should have written it down. Which reminds me of a story.

This elderly couple came to the understanding that their memories were beginning to fail. So, they decided to go a doctor for help, but the doctor said that there wasn’t too much he could do, but he suggested that they write things down. The couple agreed to do that.

When they returned home the wife said, “I’d like a bowl of ice cream. Write that down.”

The husband told her that he could remember that and didn’t need to write it down. Then his wife said, “I would also like some whipped cream on top of the ice cream. Write that down.”

Again, the husband told her that he could remember that and didn’t need to write it down. She added, “And, also a cherry on top of it all. You’d better write that down.”

The husband was miffed that she had told him to write it down and said, “I don’t have to write that down. You want a bowl of ice cream, some whipped cream on top of it, and a cherry on top of it all. I’ll go get it.” He went to the kitchen and was there for about 30 minutes.

When he returned to his wife he had a plate of bacon and eggs. His wife stared at him and said, “What about the toast?”

Funny things happen in life and some things happen more often than not. I hope your telephone rings when you’re expecting. I hope your coins stay on top of the dresser and that you remember that item for which you went to the store.