Will You Be Watching

Published 12:29 pm Sunday, June 30, 2024

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The question is “Are you going to watch?” What? I answer that in a moment, but the more important answer is “Yes, I’ll be watching for some serious rain clouds.” And, I’ll be listening for the thunder that goes along with a much-needed rain. It’s dry, folks! How dry?

            If these were the forty days of Noah’s flood, we’d probably get only a quarter of an inch. But, hey, I’ll take that quarter of an inch. It’s so dry, the government is offering a buy-back program on water pistols. Dogs are marking their territory with chalk lines!

            Now, the answer to the question, “Will you be watching?” What? Thursday night’s Presidential Debate. The older I get, the earlier I want to go to bed and the debate is late, 9 o’clock, but if I can stay up that long, I’ll tune in. The two fellows who will be on opposite sides of the room are older than I am. If they can stay up that late, so can I.

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            I’ve been watching Presidential Debates for a long time, but not the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858. These days, debates are fewer and not so long. Lincoln-Douglas debated seven times and each was three hours in length. Whew! Don’t think I would want to spend three hours of life that way. Let me put it another way. I couldn’t/wouldn’t be able to stay awake for that. I may not be able to stay awake for Thursday night’s event.

            Presidential Debates may not be your cup of tea, but it’s an important time in the history of our nation and I want to see and hear what the two potential candidates for the presidency have to say. I hope they can be civil to each other, but I’m not going to hold my breath, if you know what I mean!

            The two have taken different approaches to prepare for Thursday night. One has prepared in the quiet of a presidential retreat known as Camp David. That’s the current occupier of the office. There are many questions surrounding this candidate’s abilities. For instance, many feel that his physical ability to simply stand for ninety minutes will be a problem.

            That doesn’t seem to be a question for his challenger. The Republican on the stage has more energy than the Energizer Bunny. His campaigning style has him going all over the place, from coast to coast. He hasn’t “holed up” in some room with advisors schooling him on policies. Actually, I’m not sure he even has any advisors or if he would take their advice if it were given.

            This is a different kind of Presidential Debate. First of all, it’s much earlier in the presidential race than the usual “after Labor Day” debates. Then, there is no audience to cheer or jeer, whichever would be the case.

            The microphones will be controlled. Whoever is asked a question will be heard for the specified time, but, once that time is over the microphone will be turned off. The purpose for this is to make certain neither candidate interrupts the other or keeps talking to dominate the conversation. Former President Trump may not like this stipulation, but it may work in his favor. His tendency to be bombastic will be limited. Good!

            It’s Tuesday as I write this and some think that, even at this late hour, the debate will not happen. I hope it does and I hope it is a productive evening. I have my opinion, but would rather see both candidates go head-to-head in an informative way.

            Our nation is at a crossroads and we need to see and hear who is best situated to lead us. I’m looking forward to Thursday night. I just hope I can stay up!