Looking Forward to Saturday

Published 10:20 am Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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There are a couple of reasons that I am looking forward to this upcoming Saturday. Both are good, but one is more important than the other.

One good reason is that the Georgia Bulldogs open their 2020 season. I have loved college football just about all my life and, if that is a sport you like, there is probably a favorite team. For me, it’s the Dawgs. This year has been crazy a million times over and there has been a huge question mark surrounding the season.

The reason, of course, is “the virus.” The virus has been the tail that has wagged the dog and has upset many a plan, including the playing of sports. Football in the fall is normal and it’s great to see some sort of normalcy in this unusual year. I just hope the players stand for the national anthem and don’t engage in those activities that take away from the reason we watch. In other words, just play the game!

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The most exciting thing I am looking forward to this Saturday happens before the kickoff of my football game. It’s the 2020 Prayer March that Franklin Graham has called for in Washington D.C.

Dr. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, has called for Christians and churches from all over the country to come to Washington for the purpose of praying for our troubled nation. We’ve had all kinds of groups gathering in our nation’s capital this year. This is one gathering that I can truly support.

“Our nation is in trouble and we need God’s help,” Graham said as he announced the march a month ago. You can say that again.

Our nation is in trouble, big time. And I do think that the only one who can set this nation straight is God. The call for Christians to descend upon Washington excites me. Sixty-five percent of Americans identify as Christians. Imagine the effect on our nation if 65% of the people lifted up their voices. That would be over 200 million voices.

I have been praying for so many people to go to Washington that it would be unlike any other group in history.

I believe it will be unlike any other group. I think this call of Franklin Graham’s has been a long time building. The people of the United States are yearning for something positive and hopeful. We are thirsty for something good to happen. The events of this year have been so negative and, as we have seen with the reaction to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, “The hits just keep on coming!”

I’m proud of Franklin Graham and his acceptance of his father’s mantle. His Samaritan’s Purse organization is worldwide and rivals any other “good works” group when it comes to the natural disasters in our nation. In hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires, Samaritan’s Purse has volunteers serving others. Graham seems to be someone who doesn’t mind walking the walk and not simply talking the talk.

America is in trouble, he says, and he may be the one who can bring the good folks of our nation together. I’m not saying he can bring everyone together. There are some who simply don’t won’t to be brought together, but I believe they are in the minority.

Our nation is a good nation and this Saturday, September 26, in Washington D.C. I hope that millions of Americans will gather to proclaim that goodness. I don’t know of anyone who is actually going, but I know of many who will be praying for those who are there. From noon until 2:00 in the afternoon, let’s join those in Washington praying for this nation.