Coronavirus has ended the sports I love

Published 2:26 pm Friday, March 13, 2020

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March Madness. Gone.

The Masters. Gone.

College World Series. Gone.

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NBA. Gone.

For now, at least. Which is all it takes to bring sports fans to the edge of sanity.

ESPN will have 24 hours of SportsCenter where they talk about… nothing? Restaurants, hotels and other businesses that survive because of sports patrons are now wondering how to fill that gap in their budgets. Athletes who have trained their entire lives to play in NCAA tournaments are left with nothing to play for at all.

The coronavirus precautions snowballed this past week from a few events being postponed to a full blown worldwide pandemic with everything being canceled. That’s the way the majority of people see it, anyways. I don’t envy the leaders who had to make the decisions to cancel all of these sporting events and seasons, but the pressure to be safe is too high.

As upset as I am to go through the month of April without the Masters or see Georgia continue what was shaping up to be a spectacular baseball season, all I can do is accept this is the world we live in. I find it ridiculous how out of control the whole thing has become, but we will endure it.

If all of these sports that I love do become rescheduled for later this year, I will enjoy them just as I would have if they were played when originally scheduled.

We’re only really going to have a problem if college football is canceled. That’s when I riot. But thankfully, the season is still half a year away.

I saw professional darts is still going strong. Could be a way to fill the void.