Don’t just do something; sit there

Published 3:51 pm Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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Surely all of us have heard someone say, “Well, don’t just sit there, do something.” That’s what I might say to the United States House of Representatives until I think that, in reality, the less they do, the better off we are! The better statement could be “Don’t just do something, sit there!”

I looked it up. According to an article on a website called ThoughtCo, since 2001, Congress has worked an average of 138 days each year. Of course, as a preacher, I’m someone to talk, since I only work one day week. LOL

Just the other day, they voted to begin an impeachment inquiry on our current president. As soon as they took the vote, they went on a ten day vacation. It looks like they could have waited for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I guess they wanted to get home for Halloween and do some trick or treating. Probably more tricking than treating.

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Let’s see. A ten day vacation right before Halloween. Back to Washington for a few days and, then, take a two week Thanksgiving break. Of course we can’t expect them to work over the month of December and Christmas. If they were working on a farm, we’d say that “they are in the short rows” of 2019. What have they done?

The president derides Congress as do-nothing. He might be disappointed, though, at the one thing they seem to be intent on doing. That is impeaching him over a phone call. They’re working pretty hard at that.

Did you see the video of the Pittsburgh city bus whose back-end had fallen into a street sinkhole? Half of the bus was in the hole and the other half was sticking straight up. It made me think of all the other problems that lie just under the surface. How many sinkholes are there in our nation that are just waiting to crater?

Although that sinkhole had to do with a city street, think of all the needs, throughout the nation, that we have. Instead of spending millions on investigating a phone call, we should be taking care of “bidness.”  After all, within one year, we have the opportunity to use an election to take care of the president.

If the American people want to change the results of the 2016 election, change it like we have done for all of our history. Vote him out. Or give him another term. There is no need to waste valuable legislative time on something that just one side of the aisle cares about.

I have seen many segments on news shows where the people in different states are asked about this impeachment inquiry. Most of the time, when asked, there seems to be a lack of interest in the phone call that is at the center of this mess.

Maybe it wasn’t perfect as the president says, but it sure doesn’t seem be a crime! It might even be careless and inappropriate. I’m not saying it is or is not. I will say that there are more important things to do.

We have a trade deal with Mexico and Canada that needs to be voted on. The subjects for business range from immigration to healthcare. From our schools to our safety. We need to make certain that next year’s election will be one that is without suspicion.

Our government has fallen into disarray and I think our nation is at a serious crossroads. It takes everyone doing their job. The common person who works for a living doesn’t get away with silliness and neither should our elected officials.