The Fourth of July

Published 3:45 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Even though the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress in July, 1776, it took almost a century for the day of July 4th to be officially declared a national holiday. There had been many years of July 4th celebrations before 1870, but that was the year our Congress officially set aside the day for the acknowledgement of our nation’s greatest achievement: freedom.

When our Post-Searchlight is delivered on July 3rd, we’ll have one day to get prepared for our July 4th celebrations. Many of you will be working and there is nothing wrong with that, but I hope there will be some time spent during Thursday appreciating just how unique our nation is.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC a celebration like no other is being planned. According to the President, that’s his favorite phrase…“like no other.”

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As with anything the President does, there is controversy and he is right in the middle of the planning. It doesn’t matter whether he is in Japan for a G20 meeting with world leaders or in North Korea as the first “sitting” president to set foot on that mysterious soil, President Trump is hands-on and likes to be front and center.

He is marketing his Washington DC celebration 24/7 until the day arrives. Say what you will about the President, like him or not, he is no shrinking violet. Most of the time, it drives his opponents crazy. No doubt you have heard of the medical term Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

His critics say the President is more interested in promoting himself than in creating an event that would be pleasing to all Americans. They say that a 4th of July celebration should be for all the people and not for partisan politics. They say that as if President Trump is the first politician to promote himself.

I also believe that our Independence Day belongs to the nation and not to the president who happens to occupy the office. At the same time, I disagree with the critique of President Trump’s celebration. As with everything he does, his personality shows. He likes to create excitement. It was an important ingredient for him in business as he opened hotels and resorts. It is an important part of his campaigning for the highest office in the land.

I’ve never been to one, but a Trump campaign rally seems so different from any other political event and the excitement that is built is a part of his marketing experience. That’s the way he operates and his Presidency has followed that concept and he knows it pretty well.

He has said that he will say a few words during the day’s events. I’ll be very surprised if it is a “few” words. That’s like asking a preacher to say a “few” words! The President seems to have good instincts and I hope his words will be about this unique nation and its desire to offer freedom to all its citizens.

There is a time and place for everything and I don’t mind the President campaigning, but in his few words to the nation on the 4th, I hope he will speak of our nation’s greatness as it has been the world’s most prominent example of a free republican form of governance.

There is another hope. I hope that his opponents will not nitpick every part of the day’s celebration. We are supposed to be the United States of America and I would hope that, on this most unique American holiday of the year, we would really be united. God bless the USA!