Today’s most popular game show

Published 3:57 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I’ll take Game Shows for $1000. “What is the most popular game show on television today?”

I hit the buzzer first and answer, “Jeopardy!” Host Alex Trebek admonishes me. “Your answer must be in the form of a question.” He sounds so serious and I answer again, “What is Jeopardy?”

Whether it is the church dinner before Bible Study at Branchville or the family reunion last Saturday, the question is asked, “Do you watch Jeopardy?”

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“I’ll take The Reason for $100.” The answer is “Who is James Holzhauer?”

Holzhauer has captured the nation’s fancy as he has won 18 straight games and over a million dollars. Many of you already know that, but I had to look it up because I haven’t been watching. I used to watch Jeopardy a long time ago, but the host wasn’t Alex Trebek.

“I’ll take Hosts of Jeopardy for $200.” The question uncovered, “Who was the first host of the Merv Griffin game show Jeopardy?” Ding! Ding! “Who is Art Fleming?”

As popular as Holzhauer is, currently, I’m sure you Jeopardy buffs know that he isn’t the all-time champion of the show. Holzhauer has won 18 straight games, but that pales in comparison to the consecutive victories of one Ken Jennings. Jennings won 74 straight games in 2004!

Did you know that before 2003, the rules of the game allowed for no one to win over five consecutive games?

In his Jeopardy career, Jennings won over 3 million dollars. What makes Holzhauer so interesting is that his pace of monetary winnings is so quick. In only 18 games he has won over million dollars. If he were to maintain that pace and win as long as Jennings, Holzhauer would win enough money to almost retire the national debt. I said almost.

It was in Hollywood in the mid 1970’s and decided to try and get on a game show. I thought it would be fun and it was. Nashville songwriter Bill Anderson and Sarah Purcell were co-hosting a game show by the name of The Better Sex.

The game pitted two groups, one male and the other female, against each other as they answered a chosen, common question. Who was the smarter? The monetary prize was modest, but since I didn’t have any money, $1000 would have been appreciated.

I stood in line for an hour or so and answered some questions. They were looking for goofy people and answers. If you act normal, don’t expect to get on a game show. I had no problem with acting abnormally.

Our team of men ran onto the set before a studio office and Bill introduced us all. I remember saying I was from Meigs, Georgia!

We got skunked on the show, which meant we lost big-time and no money was won. At least I got a year’s supply of Alpo. Too bad I didn’t have a dog.

The other game show I auditioned for was The Gong Show. If you remember that show you might remember how insane one would have to be to audition for the show. I played my guitar and sang a song I had written but was so unimpressive, I got beat out by a dancing monkey. My game show career was over!

Going back to the current popularity of Jeopardy and Mr. Holzhauer. I’ve been thinking of a question that might stump him and I think I have it.

Imagine that iconic music playing as Alex presents the question for Final Jeopardy. Mr. Holzhauer has gambled a zillion dollars that he will win the game.

Alex speaks, “For the game, here is the final question. ‘Who are the twenty Democrat candidates for the 2020 Presidential election?’” Holzhauer is toast!