Bainbridge Public Safety weighs in on storm damage

Published 5:30 pm Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bainbridge Public Safety is working tirelessly to clean up the City and get things back in shape after Hurricane Michael roared through Wednesday night.

“No part of the city was left untouched,” BPS officer Frank Green said.

BPS has formed teams of officers who are going out in the community with chainsaws to remove trees and limbs that are blocking community members in.

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Officers are not only dealing with tree removal, but debris clean up.

“If not all, almost all streets have been blocked,” Green said.

One of Green’s main concerns is power lines. He said it is extremely concerning, because many homeowners are using generators and have not properly plugged them in.

“The ones that are not properly wired could electrocute someone,” Green warned. He is asking all residents to please be cautious because if they are improperly wired, the live wire could be anywhere, even entangled in a tree.

For this reason, there are still a number of streets that are not navigable, Green said.

The wires entangled in trees have the potential to be so dangerous, because they are unpredictable.

“We don’t want to lose a life removing a tree.” Green said.

He asks that everyone look for low hanging wires. Green is estimating that 98 percent of homeowners are without power, and there is no estimated recovery time.

Green reported that Georgia Power has arrived and is currently doing a scene size up and will begin working in the immediate future to get everything back up and running.

With the power outages, BPS’s phone system is also down, and they are asking everyone to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Green said they have had several people call from out of town to check on loved ones, and they have done everything they could to check on the people requested, but are prioritizing calls. At this time, Green reported he has not seen any significant injuries, just extreme property damage.

Due to the damage and safety concerns, the City will still have a curfew Thursday night from 7 p.m.- 7 a.m.

Green reported multiple commercial burglaries Wednesday night, but said that is a main priority for Thursday night.

“We will be out there with twice the number of operational officers,” he assured.

Green is thankful for everyone in the community who has helped, especially Dollar Farms who came in early and helped clear roadways and streets. Green said they are also currently receiving assistance from multiple other unnamed agencies and out of county municipalities.