Might get egg on my face

Published 4:21 pm Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I’m sure you have heard the idiom egg on your face. It means you have said or done something foolish. It could have meant those times when I got an over-easy egg, really runny, mixed it with grits and the concoction found the corners of my mouth. That’s real egg on the face!

I’m talking about the former this morning and I might look foolish if this is published, as per usual, in the Wednesday edition of The Post Searchlight. In this fast moving world, by then, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh might have had a Perry Mason moment and confessed all sorts of ignominious or shameful activities.

I’ll be surprised if he does. But if he doesn’t, and if he is proved to be innocent of all the awful allegations that have come his way, I am going to say that he and his family have been treated about as badly as I have ever seen or heard.

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I don’t know what Brett Kavanaugh did to deserve all these dirty, rotten things that his opponents have thrown at him. I wonder what happened to the kitchen sink that it was not thrown. They must not have wanted to work that hard.

In reality, they haven’t worked all that hard. All they did was accuse. They didn’t even work hard enough to find any proof, if there was any.

Let’s see. He was accused of a horrible, immoral deed, but there was no remembrance of where or when. It occurred 35 years ago, while Kavanaugh and the accuser were in high school. How would you like for people to go back that far and dredge up your high school activities? Don’t worry about proof; just say it happened and that’s all that is needed.

Anything to throw a monkey wrench in the Senate proceedings that were progressing to the point where they were almost over and success for Kavanaugh was right around the bend. It was a last minute Hail Mary and it has almost worked.

It still might be successful. The finish line has not been crossed and there are other shoes dropping. Another worm crawled out of the woodwork over the weekend and this allegation had less proof, if that is possible, than the first. I would say that it’s unbelievable, but I’m going to believe my lying eyes.

I guess I could understand the determination of the political party that opposes “all things Trump.” To me, they are doing exactly what they said they would. Their leader, Chuck Schumer, pledged to “oppose Kavanaugh with everything I have.” I guess “everything” did not include dignity or integrity.

What is difficult to swallow is the complicity of the media. The free press is most important in our nation. We need them to be aggressive and honest in their reporting. Aggressive they are; it’s the honesty part that leaves much to be desired.

There is a bottom line to all of this. Brett Kavanaugh seems to have led an exemplary life. He grew up in privilege, with good parents. He had the opportunity to attend the best schools and, despite these recent allegations, Kavanaugh seemed to make the most of those opportunities. He worked hard to be the best.

So far as can be seen, his own family life has been without controversy. He had an important position for one president and his work as a judge presented no problems.

Now, just because he has been nominated by another president that, according to his opponents, should not have been elected, Brett Kavanaugh has been subjected to character assassination. Run through an unfair wringer!

He may be guilty and I may have egg on my face for writing this, but so be it.