Amazing women

Published 4:26 pm Friday, February 9, 2018

On Tuesday I walked into The American, a new restaurant in Bainbridge that seems to be doing quite well. I was there to have a birthday lunch with my daughter Catherine, and her husband Daaron.  I think Catherine is a pretty amazing woman even if she is my daughter.   Little did I know that I had just walked into a room full of some of the most incredible women I have ever known.

Sitting at a table in the window was a group of women that apparently meet on Tuesday when most of their husbands are at the Rotary Club meeting.   They represent the best of Bainbridge in many ways and know how to get things done. 

After exchanging pleasantries with everyone, I finally sat down with my daughter only to spot another table with three ladies that I have also known for years.   Movers and shakers all, it was great to see them as well.

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It wasn’t long before another smart and successful woman stood from her booth.   Younger than me, she is nevertheless very accomplished in her field and knows how to get things done as well.  You would have no problem recognizing her name.

I could write an individual article about each of these women, their accomplishments, and their love for their community.  They are all much too modest to allow me to do such a thing.  Besides, they have all spent a lifetime of quietly getting things done behind the scenes.

When I think of the adjectives I would use to describe them classy comes to mind.  Refined.  Southern.  Gracious.  Smart.   Somehow, those words do not do them justice.

Most of them have taken my daughter’s family under their wing.  Henry has several grandmothers in Bainbridge, they are just not related to him.  For that, I will always be grateful.

I will always be thankful for their support of me when I represented Decatur County in the General Assembly.  I am so glad our friendships have endured the nearly two decades since I left Atlanta.

“Are you going to write about us?” one of the ladies asked.  I just might, I teased back.  The names are not that important, though most of you reading would know them well.    In any case, they know who they are. 

So to the ladies at The American on Tuesday, it was a real treat seeing you all together.  Thanks for your many contributions in making life better in our part of Georgia.  Thanks for embracing my daughter as if she were your own. 

And finally, thanks for the many different ways that you have touched my life for the past twenty five years.  You are all truly amazing women.