I’m glad I’m old

Published 5:01 pm Tuesday, January 30, 2018

have heard it said that “it’s a young person’s world.” That’s true if one listens to today’s music or looks at today’s television shows and movies. Let it be said that I am not criticizing today’s music, television shows, or movies; it’s my prerogative to like them or not. Plus, the world does not revolve around what I think, nor should it.

These thoughts come when I hear about entertainment shows like The Grammys or The Oscars. When I was much younger, I never missed those shows. Plus, thirty or forty years ago, I watched a lot more television and enjoyed going to movies. Nowadays, if movies, television, or popular radio depended upon my faithfulness to look or listen, those businesses would be in a lot of hurt.

I have also grown past the point in my life where I complain about what is being shown and played unless, of course, you think I am complaining about them in this column. I really am not. As I began, “it’s a young person’s world” and the companies that write the shows, the movies, and the songs these days are not too concerned about what I think. That’s fine with me.

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I will say this, though. I am glad that I grew up in a different day and time and the entertainment was different. Perhaps if my mind was younger these days, I would like some of the things “out there,” but my mind is not so young and pretty “sot” on what I like or don’t like.

Most of the people who read this column are about my age or even a little older. What do you think? Are you glad you grew up when there was a melody to a song and you could figure out what the words said? Are you glad that the television shows you watched portrayed a nation that was much more innocent? Do you remember when there were many movies that you wanted to see?

If I watch television these days, it’s probably old movies on that classic channel. It’s also not so unusual to look at the television channel that shows old series like Bonanza, Columbo, or Perry Mason. When I listen to the radio, it’s my Sirius satellite stations of oldies, popular and country. So far as movies go, I might go years between movies.

Does all of this mean that I am sad? No, it means that I am glad. I’m glad I’m old and I appreciate what I have seen and heard. My mother, who is 87 years old, has told me that she thinks she grew up in the best of times and I would never argue with momma. But I might disagree. I think I have grown up in good times, too.

I remember going to the double-featured movies on Saturday. That’s gone with the wind, no pun intended. I remember songs on a car radio with static that made it almost impossible to hear them. But, I kept fine-tuning that radio until the static was gone or the song was over.

The television shows that I watched as a young boy were funny and there was nary a controversial theme to them. That might seem naïve by today’s standards, but when I was growing up, there were some things better left unsaid.

I’ve had my time in the coveted demographic of young with disposable income. Thankfully, I still have a little disposable income, but the entertainment world can aim their shows and music at someone else these days. I’ll spend my time remembering what I call “a better time.”