Georgia added another to their already talented lineup

Published 4:16 pm Friday, June 30, 2017

Kirby Smart’s first year at Georgia was to be expected out of a first year coach at any program. However, his second year is raising eyebrows before it even begins.

Everyone knew that Kirby was a great recruiter; he helped Alabama land some of their top guys while he was there. He recently flexed his recruiting muscles and added the nation’s top running back to his 2018 recruiting class.

Zamir White, or Zeus to some, has tipped the opinion of many football fans about Georgia’s potential. Kirby really is about to mess around and build one of the most talented teams in the SEC.

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The potential is in the future, as always. Normally, that statement needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Tennessee kind of took the realness out of it because next season is always Tennessee’s season, every year.

Realistically though, the major skill positions at Georgia are all young guys. Eason is young, and breathing down his neck for playing time is the even younger Jake Fromm. Give them, whoever starts that is, time to develop then throw Zeus behind them and it’ll be an offensive force.

I’m no Dawg expert, but I know the signs of when teams are shaping up to be something serious and Georgia is raising all the flags.

As an Alabama fan, it’s pretty exciting. I was a freshman at the University of Alabama when Georgia met Alabama in the SEC Championship that turned out to be the best one that I can remember.

I hope it returns to that, football is more fun when the traditional powerhouses slug it out with each other week-in and week-out. As far as the rest of the SEC East goes, no other team is really standing out as potential equals to Georgia’s talent. Florida will always come out and win a big game or two, but I can’t see them being head and shoulders above anyone else.

And keep in mind, Georgia isn’t there yet either. They just will be if things keep going the way they are.

It is just a prediction, nothing to hang a hat on, but I can see Georgia marching their way to Atlanta within two years. They may even do it this upcoming season. I hope they do, because I will always like Kirby for his time at Alabama and his ties to this town.