Toluca Youth Soccer Holds Tryouts in Bainbridge

Published 4:35 pm Friday, June 23, 2017

As soccer becomes more and more popular in the United States, youth in Bainbridge and the surrounding area are finding more and more opportunities to play the game.  In fact, a great opportunity is coming to Bainbridge in the weeks ahead!
Try-outs for Toluca Youth Soccer will be held on Thursday, June 29th and Friday, June 30th at Bill Reynolds Sports Complex from 6 to 8 in the evening.  Players between the ages of 8 to 18 are encouraged to attend this free try-out if they wish to compete at a higher level of competition.

Toluca Youth Soccer is affiliated with the professional Mexican soccer club bearing the same name.  This youth soccer club already has existing club teams in Lawrenceville,Ga. and Sandy Springs, Ga.; both of which are located in suburban Atlanta.  Toluca also has an existing club in Portland, Oregon.
The team in Sandy Springs went to Mexico to compete last summer as well as to Orlando and other prominent tournaments.  The team will be traveling to Portland,Oregon to compete against youth teams there in July.  Toluca hopes to offer similar experiences for players that make the Bainbridge club as well.
Jamie Ard, long time BHS soccer coach and current BMS soccer coach, stated that this club will give area youth opportunities to compete at levels that have only been dreamed about in Bainbridge before now.  He encourages all area youth players to come out for try-outs if they are even remotely interested in playing.  He also encourages parents to come out to meet Fernando Tlacuatl, Club Director, and to ask him any questions they may have regarding this opportunity.
Toluca will also be offering a summer soccer camp for area youth players on the week of July 10th through 14th, from 8 to noon each day.  More information regarding camp may be found on the club’s web site,
Fernando states that he is excited to unlock the gate to soccer in Bainbridge.  He has a firm belief that there is hidden talent in Bainbridge, and he is looking forward to discovering that talent.

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