The NBA draft is a nice change of pace

Published 5:42 pm Tuesday, June 20, 2017

American sports have moved into what is commonly referred to as the “dog days.” The only sports really going right now are baseball and golf. While I like those sports, they don’t really scratch the itch that football or basketball does when I want to watch a sporting event.

During this time, people read and hear all types of off-season updates that are nothing more than a sports writers ramblings that are based off of presumptions more than fact (I am acknowledging that this is exactly one of those columns).

But tomorrow we get a nice little shake up. We get a draft.

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The NBA takes the stage to determine where the top college and European players are going to end up for their professional career. This year there has been some drama and some entertainment between the college basketball season, the finale of the NBA season, and now.

First and foremost, the incredible talent that is Lonzo Ball has the unbearable baggage accompanying him that is his father, Lavar Ball. If I were an NBA team, I would stay far away from the “Big Baller Brand,” as his father has created. While you get a talent on the court, you get a headache in the stands. If I were a top program that already has a good talent base I would pass on him. If I were a bottom tier program who really needs help I would put up with it.

A more reasonable pick is De’Aaron Fox out of Kentucky. This guy can really play. Standing at six foot four inches, he is a pretty lanky point guard who can get to the basket in a hurry.

But those are just some players. A lot of the drama has come in the form of pick trades between the number one pick Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. In a last second trade coming this past Monday, the first pick went from a team who didn’t need to have it to one that arguably did.

While Philly has one of the league’s top big men and some talented guard play, the number one pick should raise them up to a new level. The 76ers could be very competitive next year.

Atlanta sits at the 19th spot in the first round and the first pick of the second round. Hopefully the Hawks can make something happen.

It’s been far to long since Atlanta has had a good basketball program and people even forget that the Hawks have Dwight Howard.

A new face could give that team the energy it needs to turn a corner.

While I know drafting isn’t exactly a sporting event, it is at least refreshing to have some new discussion points that will come from it.