New restaurant to open in vacant Port City Deli building

Published 5:41 pm Friday, April 21, 2017

A new business will open its doors on Broughton Street across from the manicured grass of Willis Park in downtown Bainbridge in early June. The American restaurant will welcome patrons to their family setting in what was Port City Deli next door to Reeve’s Gifts.

The restaurant aims to bring a nice family environment with a good menu.

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“We really want to create something that we felt like we could be genuine,” said Owner Tyler Thomas. “We’ve been working on it for about 17 months, it seemed like Bainbridge has a demand and a need.”

Thomas graduated from Florida State University and entered into the restaurant industry.

Thomas has worked in a wide array of restaurants, from steak houses in Texas to high-end restaurants in South Florida.

The American’s price points will be between $8-12 a meal for lunches, and between $20-24 a plate for dinner.

The restaurant will also feature a lounge area with couches and chairs instead of tables or booths, where patrons can come and enjoy a glass of wine or one of the craft beers that will be on tap. There will be a happy hour according to Thomas

The menu will feature an eclectic selection of foods. The menu will have really good southern charm while also having classic dishes with a selection of great steaks, according to Thomas.

While the restaurant will have a selection of beer, wine, a wide menu, turn of the century decorations and an in house selection of meat, one thing the restaurant will lack is a freezer. According to Thomas, nothing in the restaurant will ever be frozen at any time.

“We really believe in honesty, authenticity and great food,” said Thomas. “We’ll be able to do a fillet that if bought in Tallahassee will cost you $30, but we can do it for $22-24.”

The American will also have house-made ice creams for dessert.

The target opening date is June 12, but as construction goes it is hard to guarantee an exact date this far out, but Thomas said he was just shy of a guarantee.