Spring has sprung

Published 5:12 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It sneaks up on you without notice.   The faint chill of the winter is almost gone, if there ever was much of a chill during this warmest of winters.   The Japanese Magnolias and the Cherry trees have burst forth with color even as much of the landscape still appears barren.

Shoots from trimmed bushes pop out, green and fresh.   A close examination of trees show buds almost uniformly ready to explode as if ordered to do so by Mother Nature herself.   

Two days before Tuesday’s official start of season of spring, two of my Grandchildren screamed with delight as they spotted four brilliantly red robins frolicking in a bush.   They jumped from the car as we parked and ran towards the birds with the excitement typical of small children.   Can you remember how the sight of the first robin of spring used to bring such joy to your heart?

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All is brown and then it is not.   The grass takes on a light greenish tint, as new growth starts yet again.  In only a few days or weeks, the lawns will be brilliantly light green, ready to be mowed and cared for once more.

While new planted flowers and beds will soon take center stage, it is this first sign of spring that impacts me most, orchestrated by nature and not by man.   Studying this endless tradition of nature while in college, I still marvel at the many things that occur to make it all happen so quickly, seemingly without effort.

Plants most suited for the Southwest Georgia climate do the best.   Unfortunately, that is true of the pesky weeds as well.   Long before the highway right of ways show growth, the weeds are standing proud and green.   

The cycles of our seasons are much like the cycles of our lives.   While I love the coolness of autumn, the chill of winter and even the heat of summer, it is spring that brings thoughts of rejuvenation and the hope that springs eternal.

As we age, we see that same renewal of life as first our children are born and then our grandchildren.  They grow and prosper, blooming right before our eyes.  Maybe it is just that nature’s renewal is all around us, every day.  Every year.

As it is with our family, our jobs, our everyday lives, so it is with the renewal of the earth occurring around us.  It is the best show around but we have to open our eyes to take it all in.   It is worth taking a moment to look around you now that spring has finally sprung.