Conditional zone approved for Louise Street business

Published 8:00 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Bainbridge City Council voted to grant a conditional use application to rezone an area on East Louise Street in their monthly meeting for March.

Nichol Wells, owner of Nic’s on Shotwell Street, acquired property on Louise Street and plans to tear down all the existing property and put another one of her stores. The area is currently zoned for neighborhood business, which caused Wells to require a conditional use zone. The need for conditional use zoning comes because the site backs up to two residential zones. Conditional use allows Wells to place gas lines within the 100 foot buffer zone normally required for gas lines, and gives her the ability to put a drive through.

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Instead of permanently making the changes to the zone, the conditional use application allows the area to be returned to its original zoning if the store were to close in the future, per City Councilman Phil Long. The council also unanimously passed a resolution to improve the storm drains on Wheat Street using the CDBG Grant.

“It will help to reduce storm water in that area as it moves down in that area,” said Mayor Edward Reynolds.

The project would take place on Wheat Street, behind Jones-Wheat Elementary School to alleviate flooding from poor drainage.

If the grant is accepted, the planning would begin during the summer and construction would be projected to begin around January of 2018, according to Reynolds.

The council also voted to allow a road closure for Grace Christian Academy’s promenade.