Wooden promoted to assistant superintendent

Published 6:15 pm Friday, March 17, 2017

Bainbridge Middle School Principal John Wooden has been promoted. A man with a resume as long as a football field, Wooden will be able to add Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for the Decatur County Board of Education to his litany of experiences.

Effective July 1, 2017, Wooden officially takes over the position from Dr. Linda Lumpkin, who is retiring.

“Obviously I am excited about the new venture,” said Wooden. “I certainly feel like we can bring some innovative and creative ideas to the table. So I’m looking forward to serving and continuing to support the teachers, faculty and staff.”

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Wooden has served in almost every role imaginable within the education department. A true success story, Wooden has been everything from a janitor to a principal.

“We’re excited about Mr. Wooden moving up here he’s done a great job for us in his positions,” said Superintendent Tim Cochran. “He brings a lot of good energy and good ideas to the position.”

Wooden’s experiences and leadership ability separated him from the pack of candidates according to Cochran. With such a wide array of past experiences, Wooden will be able to provide insight in ways others would not be able to from a human resources perspective.

“He understands all those levels, he’s a unique candidate in that perspective,” said Cochran. “Those added experiences just add to his qualifications.”

Wooden’s promotion follows the official retirement of Dr. Lumpkin, who had been working for the school system part time for a while according to Cochran.

Dr. Lumpkin will serve as a mentor for Wooden during his transition to give him a good base of knowledge when he takes over completely per Cochran.

“I have nothing but high regards for her (Dr. Lumpkin),” said Cochran. “I hate to see her retire, but I understand and I wish her nothing but the best.”