Flames on the Flint barbecue competitors share where unique names come from

Published 5:55 pm Friday, March 10, 2017

A competition as big as Flames on the Flint draws competitors from all over the United States of America. With such a diverse group of competitors, there are bound to be some interesting choices of names for their respective bar-b-que teams.

There are the natural names, like teams with last names attached to them, then there are the quintessentially pun-driven names that have to do with butt or smoke, but some are just puzzling.

Of the competitors this year, New Revolution Q, Boog-A-Lou Smoke Crew, and 2 Live Q stood out as interesting takes on names for teams.

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Turning off of Shotwell Street into the Boat Basin, a vividly decaled trailer sits to the left of the driveway. On the trailer in big letters spells New Revolution BBQ. Under the name are two pigs, a male and female. One in a blue coat and one in a red coat, stand back to back with muskets in hand.

“Actually, my wife is British,” said Mike Palmer of New Revolution Q. “We were both, even though she is British, were actually in the US Navy. That’s how it came about.”

Hailing from Maryland, Palmer has been competing for five years and this is his first year at Flames on the Flint.

“We’re expecting four or five inches of snow back home,” Palmer laughed when asked what brought him to Bainbridge for the competition.

Walking down the row of BBQ trailers that line the road from the Chamber House to the overpass bridge, one may be distracted by the smells and sounds that swirl around, but tucked away under a tailgate tent sits 2 Live Q from Tallahassee Florida.

“You either get it, or they don’t,” jokes Sarah Phillips. “A lot of people don’t.”

What some don’t get is the early 90s hip hop reference. A group that made quite a lot of headlines, and even more fans, was the group named 2 Live Crew out of Miami, Florida. We were fans says Austin Phillips of 2 Live Q, there’s not too much to it.

“People comment all the time, some people are like that’s so clever or that’s so amazing,” says Sarah.

Tucked away behind 2 Live Q’s tent sits a long black trailer backed up right against the Flint River.

Walking up to it, a Boston terrier runs around as a mascot. Written on the trailer in bold red letters is Boog-A-Lou Smoke Crew.

“My granddaughter’s name is Brook,” says Mark Zondervan of Boog-A-Lou. “We used to call her Boogie when she was a baby, and then Boog-A-Lou. Then when she was about six or seven that’s all we ever called her.”

Boog-A-Lou has been competing for four years and this is their third year in Flames on the Flint.

Those are only three of the names that come across as out of the ordinary, but there are plenty of other clever names for event goers to get a kick out of as they peruse the grounds of Rivertown Days 2017.