BPS investigator helps catch serial thief in Alabama

Published 5:06 pm Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A serial thief behind a string of Walmart robberies in the Southwest Georgia area, including Bainbridge, was arrested in Geneva, Alabama, last week.

On Feb. 10, 17, and 28, Quinton Dunlap and his crew hit the Bainbridge Walmart for $1,500 worth of electronics each time according to Bainbridge Public Safety Investigator Mark Esquivel.

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“What they do is they come into Walmart at odd hours,” said Esquivel. “They load up on TVs and computers, then they get on the phone and stage up at a fire exit. They call the guy outside and he pulls up outside the fire exit and they load the stuff up and leave.”

While investigating the case, Esquivel learned that the robbery was not isolated to Bainbridge. The crew had been working in Thomasville, Sylvester, Camilla, Albany, and other areas. After gathering information from an investigator in Sylvester, Esquivel learned that it was a husband and wife along with another accomplice.

“The only one we were able to identify in Bainbridge was Quinton Dunlap,” said Esquivel. “I know in some other locations they have his wife, Shannon Dunlap, on video.”

The authorities in Dothan were notified of Dunlap, according to Esquivel, and that led to his capture. Geneva, Alabama, is the county next to Dothan.

Dunlap will be charged with the burglary in Geneva, and all other cities affected by his crew can file warrants to press their charges.