Burglary at Zip Trip reveals ‘mild’ intentions of two suspects

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two men broke into the Zip Trip on Monday, Jan. 23, with very specific loot in mind for their heist. The men charged into the Zip Trip at after hours and made away with $450 in Black and Mild cigars.

Security cameras spotted the two men coming for the back of the store around 11:55 p.m. One of the men was wearing a burgundy hoodie and black shorts. He also had a backpack with him. The other male was wearing a gold pullover with purple stripes and black shorts, according to the incident report.

The male in the gold and purple striped sweatshirt noticed the rear camera, took off his mask, and begun to beat the camera with a stick until it hung from its hinges per the report. They proceeded to the front of the building, where another camera was damaged.

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The duo then ran to the west side of the building, kicked in a window, and loaded up on Black and Mild Cigars. The team then left the scene with 25 cartons of the cigars valued at $450 according to the incident report.

In total, considering the damage costs, the duo cost shop owners $1100 according to the incident report. No arrests have been made.