Traffic stop leads to drug bust

Published 6:09 pm Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A routine traffic stop led to a drug bust on Sunday, Jan. 8, when Bainbridge Public Safety pulled over a car for failure to yield on Dothan Road.

Bainbridge Public Safety officer Jayson Myers initiated contact with the white Toyota Avalon driven by Shawn Green and conducted a routine traffic stop, but Myers ended up with a not-so-routine bust.

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According to the incident report, Officer Myers initiated contact with some of the passengers in the car, and found out that one passenger, Derrick Anderson, was a suspect in another BPS case. Myers then started talking to Dontayves Scott, who was sitting in the back seat.

Myers asked Scott to step out of the vehicle. When he complied, Myers noticed an empty bag in the seat that had what Myers suspected to be marijuana residue. Scott denied having knowledge of anything illegal being on his person, and that the clothes he was wearing were his uncles, per the report.

The group admitted to having marijuana in the bag earlier, but it was gone by the time PSO Myers found it. Myers instructed Scott to place his hands on the vehicle and began searching him. When Myers placed his hand on a front pocket of Scott’s jacket, Scott became tense and asked if PSO Myers had the right to search pockets, according to the report.

Inside the pocket was a bag with what is suspected to be cocaine in it. PSO Myers placed Scott under arrest and put him in his squad car. Once on the way to BPS, Scott admitted to having some weed tucked away in his boot, according to the incident report.

BPS discovered five bags of marijuana in Scott’s boot and confiscated it along with the cocaine. Scott was then charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

After searching the vehicle, no other contraband was found. Shawn Green was then released after being issued a traffic citation for failure to yield according to the incident report.

Scott was also charged with failure to appear for an unrelated incident. It is not stated in the report if anything happened regarding Anderson and the case related to him.