Local author brings book signing to The Bean downtown

Published 1:00 am Saturday, November 21, 2015


A Donalsonville woman, Sharla Shults, sees the world with the heart and eyes of a poet.

She has had three books of poetry published by Tate publishers and is bringing her latest one, “Awakenings—from Then ‘til Now,” to The Bean in Bainbridge for a book signing on December 12.

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She described her first book, “Echoes from the Heart” as an inspirational collection of random thoughts. The second, “Remembering,” is a family walk through history, as different experiences are recorded.

The latest book, “Awakenings—from Then ‘til Now” is a history lesson in the best sense of the word. “Many people think history is boring,” explained Shults, “I always thought so too. That is because of the way it used to be taught.” Now she has discovered there is nothing more emotional than history. In “Awakenings” she covers five centuries of historical events that took her a full year to research.

Shults said the reader becomes the writer as there are reflection pages inserted among the poems that provide a place for the reader to record their own thoughts and memories about what they have read. She said it prompts the reader to voice their own personal values and thoughts on a given subject.

Now, she explains, from the perspective of the reader, the book becomes a personal memoir gift to a relative, especially good for sons, daughters and grandchildren.

All of her books can be picked up and read randomly, and used as inspirational aids.

She never knows when inspiration will come to her, so she keeps a pad and pencil by her bed to record her thoughts in the night.

She is now working on another history book called “My America – Our America” that gives a poetic description of all 50 states.

It is her hope that readers will learn a lot about America and themselves as they make a visual connection to what they are reading.

Shults has had a varied career life. She met her husband Jim while employed as a freight agent for the Bay Line Railroad that ran from Dothan to Panama City in the 70’s and early 80’s.

A graduate of Troy University in the field of math and science, she now works as an educational consultant in Florida.

Shults said it is her goal for the proceeds from the sale of “Awakenings” to go to our veterans and wounded warriors.