Tucker gives fishy talk to Rotary

Published 6:03 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2015


JTodd Tucker discusses the features of the biodegradable Rat-L-Trap fishing lure to Jack Leverett. — Carolyn Iamon

Well-known elite angler, J. Todd Tucker says he has the ideal job. He gets to travel 40,000 miles a year seeing the country and takes customers fishing.  He explained at Rotary this week how he uses his fishing skills to market Seminole Lake, Bainbridge and special products of his corporate sponsors.

His major sponsor is TE Connectivity and he does most of his job by promoting fishing and fishing products.

His travels take him to some of the best fishing spots in the U.S. where he spends approximately a week in each area. He loves that part of his job, seeing and learning about different cultures, but he finds most people are just like “us,” only with different accents.

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He spoke about his newest and most unique sponsorship he will be promoting in 2016. It is a hard lure made from a biodegradable plastic, produced by local company, MHG.

Called Rat-L-Trap, the product will deteriorate in 120 days if lost in the water. This makes it ideal for preserving nature and the eco-system. He wants to educate people what it is all about. Described as a state of the art technique, the plastic is made from a procedure that produces PHA, a hard white biodegradable plastic. He credited Scott Tuten, marketing director of MHG, with coming up with the idea to introduce the product to the fishing industry.

Tucker is proud of what he does, especially setting a good example for young people. He is involved in teaching youth who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of fishing.

Another way Tucker gets the word out is through social media. He has a Facebook page that has thousands of hits. He and Matt Palmer have also developed a video, which he played for Rotary. It promotes bass fishing for the Bainbridge Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Tucker, a resident of Moultrie, grew up fishing Lake Seminole and will be there again this weekend at the Rat-L-Trap open tournament.