County enters into contract for surface mining permit

Published 6:16 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Decatur County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a contract with Harbin Engineering, P.C. last Tuesday that will have the environmental consultants help the commissioners in acquiring a surface mining permit.

The permit will allow Decatur County to use borrowed material from land that is in the Decatur County Landfill property area, but is outside the approved landfill site.

Decatur County Administrator Alan Thomas recommended the professional agreement with Harbin Engineering.

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“What this will do is allow us to use raw material on that site as we develop Cell 5,” Thomas said.

The mining will consist of digging up any raw materials such as ore, minerals and other solid material for sale, processing or consumption by the county.

Harbin Engineering will assist Decatur County in retaining a surveyor to prepare a boundary survey for only the proposed offsite borrow area, the contract reads.

A recommended budget of $15,000 to complete the work was included in the contract. The cost estimate includes only one expected visit to the site near the landfill by Harbin Engineering.

The Environmental Protection Division, a division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, approves surface mining permits. A Surface Mining Unit will review plans drawn up by Harbin Engineering and Decatur County before issuing a permit.

Cell 5 is expected to complete its development in three years, when it will be ready to handle solid waste.