Chrysler appeals Superior Court verdict

Published 12:54 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2015

After the Decatur County Superior Court significantly cut damages and rejected a motion for a new trial in the case between the parents of Remington Cole Walden and FCA US, LLC, the vehicle company filed to appeal the decision Monday.

Judge J. Kevin Chason reduced damages from $150 million to $40 million last month to be paid to Lindsay Newsome Strickland and James Bryan Walden, who lost their son in a vehicle accident in March 2012.

“The reduction in the damage awards does not cure the many errors that tainted this verdict and denied FCA US a fair trial,” said Michael Palese, legal representative for FCA US, LLC.

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The plaintiffs filed to accept the remittitur of $40 million on July 27. In FCA US, LLC’s motion for an appeal, they labeled the remittitur and other judgments, rulings and ordered rendered in this action as “adverse.”

Ever since ruling in April labeled the vehicle company 99 percent responsible for the death of Walden, FCA US, LLC, has expressed their opposition to the verdict. They filed a motion for a new trial in May.

“FCA had no defense at trial, and they have not come up with one since the jury returned its verdict,” said Jim Butler, attorney for Lindsay Strickland and James Walden. “They keep attacking everyone else – but it was Chrysler and FCA that created this terrible defect, concealed the danger from the public and killed Remi.”

The case is now delivered to the Court of Appeals.

Walden was riding in a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with his aunt on March 6, 2012, when the vehicle was rear ended and exploded in flames. He was unable to escape and died in the fire. Brian Harrell, the driver of the vehicle that rear-ended Walden’s Jeep, was sentenced for vehicular homicide and reckless driving in May 2012. The jury found Harrell 1 percent at fault for Walden’s death.