City combats illegal dumping

Published 7:51 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The City of Bainbridge is working to keep its streets and sidewalks beautiful.

After the completion of the new trash transfer station last year, residents have the option of dumping larger items of trash at the station free of charge.

The city’s policies on special pickups changed as well when the transfer station opened to the public.

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If a resident would like to a special pickup, they are asked to call Public Services, and they will be charged a minimum $200 fee.

If a resident puts a large trash item on the sidewalk or curb, city garbage truck drivers will report the trash, said Public Services Director Steve Winburn.

Then, Winburn said, the city will send that resident a notice asking them to dispose of the garbage or schedule a pickup. If nothing changes, the trash will be moved and the resident charged $200.

“It’s a process,” Winburn said. “We feel like we need to give that homeowner the option of dropping it off before charging them that $200.”

Winburn said that a common problem is people claiming the trash isn’t theirs and that it was dumped there. That’s when the city marshal steps in to help with illegal dumping.

The sanitation sector of the Public Services division is not funded by tax dollars and operates much like a business, Winburn said.