ROTC gets year-end salute at annual banquet last Friday

Published 7:10 pm Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cadets Zachary Toole and Darryl Thompson received the prestigious high-performer awards to highlight the Bainbridge High School Air Force Junior ROTC honors program at the school gymnasium last Friday.
Criteria for the high performance awards, which were presented by Bainbridge High School principal Tommie Howell, are strong leadership and job performance, strong leadership qualities, strong academic performance, significant self improvement and strong community involvement.
Decatur County Board of Education chairman Doctor Sydney Cochran presented outstanding cadet ribbons to outstanding first year cadet Hayden Griffin, outstanding second year cadet Preston Johnson, outstanding third year cadet Quang Pham and outstanding fourth year cadet Darryl Thompson.
Cadet Taylor Mims won the Daedalian Award. The order of Daedalians is a fraternity of commissioned pilots from all military services. The award is named after the legendary figure Daedalus and was organized by World War I military pilots who sought to continue the spirit of patriotism, love of country and the high ideals of self-sacrifice which place service to the nation above personal safety and position.
Bennie Brookins presented the American Leion Miliary Excellence Award to Cadet Gabriel Coffer and the American Legion Scholastic Award to Cadet Zachary Toole.
Cadet Maria Mendoza received the American Veterans Award for her positive attitude toward the Air Force Junior ROTC program and her strong initiative, dependability, judgment and self-confidence. She earned an A in her Aerospace science class and was sighted for officer potential due to her strong capacity for responsibility, adaptability, and maintenance of high personal standards.
Cadet Laiporsha Holland received the Daughters of the American Revolution Award for her qualities of dependability, good character, adherence to military discipline and leadership ability. Making the presentation was Lee Mush.
Cadet Hayden Griffin received the Military Order of World Wars Award from Doctor Earnest Purcell for excelling in all military and scholastic areas.
Cadet Darryl Thompson received the Reserve Officers Association Award for his military and academic achievement. Making the presentation was Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Pat Moses.
Lieutenant Colonel Stewart presented the Military Officers Association of America Award to Cadet Brittany Daniels It goes annually to an outstanding third year cadet who shows exceptional military leadership, good academic standards, high moral character, high order of loyalty to the unit school and country and exceptional potential for military leadership.
The National Sojourners Award, given by the National Sojourners Organization, was given to Cadet Preston Johnson for his potential for outstanding leadership. He was in the top 25 percent of his academic class. Officer Dino Dean made the presentation.
Bennie Brookins presented the Veterans of Foreign Wars Award to Cadet Jamal Carnes for being actively engaged in the Air Force Junior ROTC program, and possesses individual characteristics contributing to effective leadership. He also must have an excellent academic record and be active in student activities.
Cadet Justin Burr received the Sons of the American Revolution Award for exhibiting a high degree of leadership, military bearing and all around excellence in aerospace science studies. He also is in the top 10 percent of his Junior ROTC class and in the top 25 percent of his overall class. Clayton Penhallegan made the presentation.
Cadet Braneesha Herring received the Scottish Rite Organization Award for contributing most to encourage Americanism by participation in extracurricular activities or community projects. They also must demonstrate qualities of dependability, good character, self discipline, good citizenship and patriotism while demonstrating academic excellence and being in the top 25 percent of their class. Bennie Brookins made the presentation.
Master Sergeant John Pizzo presented the Air Force Sergeants Association Ward to Cadet Zachory Johnson. The award goes annually to a third or fourth year cadet who demonstrates excellent qualities in military leadership, has a positive attitude toward Air Force Junior ROTC and country, holds a leadership position in the corps and is active in school and community affairs.
Specialist David Daniels presented the Military Order of the Purple Heart Award to Cadet Roy Hobbs for having a positive attitude toward Air Force Junior ROTC and country, holding a leadership position in the cadet corps being active in school and community affairs and attaining a grade of B or better in all subjects or the previous semester.
John Fisher presented the Sons of Confederate Veterans H.L. Huntley Award to Cadet Mitchell Faircloth for demonstrating the qualities of honor, courage, and commitment to his throughout the school year.
Lieutenant Colone Dave Stewart presented the Sons of Union Vetweans of the Civil War Award to Cadet Tyler Kelley for his patriotism, academic excellence and leadership ability. Bainbridge High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC Unit was the first Unit in the state of Georgia to qualify for the award.
Cadet Rondrecuz Holland and Cadet DeVonte Wardrick jointly received the Tuskeegee Airman Award for their superior performance of  cadet duties and cadet participation.
Former Bainbridge High School Air Force Junior ROTC aerospace science instructor Senior Master Sergeant Frank Geslak presented the Retired Assistant Association Award, an organization which he himself is a member of, to d Cadet Juan Ramirez for his outstanding leadership throughout the school year.
Ben Richards presented the celebrate freedom foundation award to Cadet Jonathan Silva for his growth potential with a capacity for responsibility, high productivity and adaptability to change.
Master Sergeant Kristina Singley presented the National Society of the United States Daughters of 1812 award to Cadet Aileen Meja for her academic excellence, leadership, military discipline, dependability, patriotism, and upright character in speech and habit.
Decatur County Undersheriff Wendell Coffer presented the Air Commando Association Award to Cadet Isaiah Brown for his self-motivation, maturity, judgement, and physical fitness.
Cadet Stefan Farmer, sophomore cadet Noah Coffer, junior cadet DeAndre Lewis and senior cadet Anthony Rogers. Lietenant Colonel Dave Stewart presented Fitness Awards to freshman cadet Trenten Langdon, sophomore cadet Terry Sweet, junior cadet Jarvis Freeman and senior cadet Zach Toole.
Cadet Taylor Mims received the prestigious Oak Murdock Patriot Award, established in honor and memory of an outstanding former cadet who lost his life in an accident. The award, which ranks equally with the outstanding cadet award, goes annually to a cadet who demonstrates the same qualities of leadership and academic excellence demonstrated by Cadet Murdock. Annual winners of the award have their names engraved on the Oak Patriot Award plaque in he Air Force Junior ROTC classroom and on a saber.

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