Alleged child molester turns himself in to authorities

Published 7:34 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Erik Randall Johnson, an alleged child molester, has turned himself in after being on the run for more than two weeks.

Johnson turned himself in to authorities in Wakulla County, Florida, late Monday. As of Tuesday evening, he was being booked into the Decatur County Jail.

Decatur County Sheriff’s Office Captain Gale Bowyer, an investigator on the case, said Johnson must have felt the pressure after being hunted by the DCSO, U.S. Marshals and various other sheriff’s offices in the tri-state area.

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Before turning himself in, Bowyer said authorities were quickly closing in on his location.

“It’s great,” Bowyer said about having Johnson behind bars. “Somebody like that, I always feel like it’s a safety issue. We’re never sure about person’s stability.”

Bowyer praised the work done by DCSO investigator Brian Donalson and the U.S. Marshals for their hard work on capturing Johnson.