Social media has changed business marketing, Rotary speaker says

Published 5:56 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Paul Blough of Blough Tech in Cairo, spoke to Rotary about how much social media, especially Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, has changed the way businesses market themselves.
To illustrate his point, Blough pointed out the shrinking yellow pages in phone books, saying people now use Google to search for business contacts, or better yet, they rely on personal referrals. They are not spending advertising dollars on yellow pages ads.
He went on to describe how people often search for plumbers, electricians, etc. by asking on Facebook if anyone knows a good one.
Therefore, he says it is critical that you know what people are saying about you and your business on Facebook. You have to guard and manage your reputation.
Most of these changes are attributed to the millennial generation who use technology for all their communication. They aren’t interested in talking, to people, even on a phone. “Their phone is a texting machine.  If you want their business, you have to speak their language,” explained Blough.
He described all the forms of social media as being complicated, but said there are a few you need to know in today’s business climate. They are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.
He cautions to be careful what you post, both in word and activities, as people can see the information and you want to be sure they are getting the right message. “Be sure the person you’re speaking to hears what you are trying to say. Know your audience and watch the social cues.”
Blough also gave examples on how he has used twitter for quicker communication.
We are being inundated with information, according to Blough, especially on Email, most of which (95%) goes unopened and unread.
Again, he stressed how important it is to manage your reputation online.
He recommends Googling yourself and your company to learn what people are saying, and take control of any adverse information by countering with your own good contacts. Get satisfied customers to write reviews for you, and even go as far as having your employees write about their views of the business.

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