Rotary hears the value of timber planting and good management

Published 5:17 pm Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alan W. Emmons, regional manager for Southern Forestry Consultants, Inc., presented some compelling facts and figures regarding investing in timberland to the Bainbridge Rotary Club on Tuesday.

He stressed the importance of recognizing the quality of land sites, which he categorized into four groups, and further emphasized the necessity of planting the right species in the right site. This was demonstrated through side-by-side photos of identical species planted in different levels of soils.

A series of graphs showed projected figures of return on each type of soil site, by incorporating good timber management skills.

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Emmons contends that good timber management will give annual rates of return that exceed those of crop farmland. That is without taking into consideration such things as hunting leases and pine straw sales, which add to the income.

As the tree lots are thinned periodically, the wood can be sold as pulpwood, chip and saw, timber or large poles. Emmons also spoke of the importance of selling at the right time, as the market fluctuates up and down easily, dependent upon weather conditions and market demand.

He concluded by saying that growing timber is regarded as a low risk investment that can yield high returns if managed properly.