12-year-old authors book on bullying

Published 9:22 pm Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jaylin Te’Mari Jackson is now a seventh grader at Bainbridge Middle School, but when he was a sixth grader at Hutto he saw a lot of bullying going on and decided to write about it. 

When his mother, Terri Jackson, saw his composition on notebook paper she was impressed enough that she felt obligated to get it published. The result is a book with the intriguing title, “Bullying is a Word that Shows Action; therefore it’s a Verb.”

Young Jaylin said he has been on both sides of bullying and has seen several of his friends being bullied. He is particularly disturbed when bullying ends in killing and/or suicide.

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In the second chapter of the book, he demonstrates that he has carefully and rather scientifically explored what events turn a kind human being into a “careless bullying machine.” One explanation he gives is rejection, but goes on to list physical or mental abuse, jealousy, revenge, wanting to impress the crowd and trying to build respect.

He continues through seven chapters to give suggestions on how to stop it. Jaylin said he didn’t write the book for the money. As he explains at the end of the book, “I wrote the book to explain the history, cause and effect of bullying. I was tired of seeing kids just like me on the news being killed and killing their self over something as simple as bullying, so I wrote about it. I thought if they heard someone their age speak on it, then they would listen and understand. I know how they feel. I’ve been a bully and I’ve been bullied and neither of them feels good, so do me a favor and help me fight bullying.”

Although he has written this book and wants to write a non-fiction book series in the future, he said English is not his favorite subject. “I love science. It is my favorite subject. I tune into it and love to invent things,” he explains. His dream is to go to Florida State and become a scientist.

Jaylin also loves music, and plays several instruments, including saxophone, drums, keyboard and guitar. He has even written several songs.

Not a one or two-dimensional person, Jaylin says his favorite sport is soccer. “I’m now playing football and getting a new respect for that,” he adds.

The book, published by America Star Books, is available at their website, www.americastarbooks.com.