Decatur EMS unveils remount design for new Decatur County ambulances

Published 1:07 am Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Decatur EMS unveiled its new ambulance design Tuesday at the County Commission meeting. The side display reads “Decatur Emergency Medical Service” with a checkerboard design below it. — Powell Cobb

Decatur EMS revealed Tuesday at the County Commission meeting the new exterior for ambulances in Decatur County.

Grady EMS Director of Operations Mike Colman said two remounted trucks were delivered last week and another is set to arrive Thursday from Atlanta.

“Sept. 1, we’ll be absolutely ready to go,” Colman said, who has taken on coaching new Decatur County EMS Director Randy Williams.

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Williams, a Miller County resident, is a former Decatur County EMT and paramedics professor at Bainbridge State College. Grady EMS in Atlanta was in charge of the hiring process.

“I’ve been meeting with all the staff and supervisors this week, just trying to coach and mentor them about the new transition,” Williams said. “It is very smooth and everybody is on the same page, and that way when we take over Sept. 1, it’s a smooth ride from then on for Decatur County to receive high-quality patient care.”

According to Colman, everybody who worked for Decatur County EMS full-time has been rehired by Decatur EMS under Grady EMS. Twenty-two new employees have been hired to fill other full-time and part-time positions.

Two orientations will be held between now and the end of October to continue filling any remaining positions.

“Hopefully within 30 days we’ll be fully staffed,” Colman said.

Additionally, Colman said an ambulance unit would be stationed in Fowlstown when the new operation launches next Monday.

“I think it’s great that they’re putting a satellite ambulance unit at Fowlstown,” Commissioner Jan Godwin said, whose district covers that area of the county. “A lot of accidents have happened in the southern part of the county. A lot of trauma and multiple car traumas.”

The Board of Commissioners, in conjunction with Grady EMS, will have a ribbon cutting ceremony and an open house of the newly renovated EMS headquarters Thursday, Sept. 11. A time has yet to be determined.