The Ballad of Ricky Bobby lives on

Published 9:53 pm Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A baby goat named Ricky Bobby has taken the town of Bainbridge by storm. Everyone has been talking about him, and with good reason. He is an unusual animal with a beautiful story that just has to be told.
He entered the world as the sole survivor in a goat pregnancy gone wrong, in which his mother and his twin sibling both died.
The Bainbridge-Decatur County Animal Shelter came to the rescue, delivering the two goats after the mother had apparently labored for hours. Ricky Bobby’s twin died within 24 hours, and the surviving newborn was promptly given the dubious name of Ricky Bobby.
A call went out for goat milk and the people at the shelter meticulously bottle fed the baby goat on a round the clock schedule, every two hours, much  as any mother of a newborn has to do.
Shelter workers took turns taking him home on weekends so that he could be fed and cared for. And, they coddled and loved him just as they would any baby.
As he began to thrive, he occupied a playpen in the front office at the shelter, and soon was jumping over the sides to gain freedom to explore the shelter and surroundings.
Facebook friends of the animal shelter were kept informed of Ricky Bobby’s progress through posted photos. We watched him grow and become more adventurous— his antics all chronicled on Facebook.
Everyone watched the little horns grow on his head, and laughed when he sat in the director’s chair in the office.
He was filmed eating lilies and other growing things, as well as papers in the office, all typical goat style.
The day came when he had grown and matured enough that Beth Eck, shelter director, and other workers knew he had to go to a forever home — a nice farm where he could live like a goat, but still get the love and attention to which he had become accustomed.
The family of the late Jordan Harris had been working with the Humane Society on a project to develop and sell flags and T-shirts decorated with the logo designed by Jordan. All proceeds were designated to benefit the Humane Society, all in memory of Jordan who had always been an animal lover.
A natural bond was formed between the Harris family and Ricky Bobby, and now he has gone to live on the Harris family farm.
Photo updates furnished by the Harrises show RB living the pampered life of any house pet. — cuddled in  a recliner, even taking a nap on an outdoor recliner.
He continues to be one happy goat that is bringing solace to a hurting family.
Greg Harris described Ricky Bobby as  “A blast. He thinks he is one of the dogs.”
This is just one of the many success stories that can and should be told about our Bainbridge-Decatur County Animal Shelter.
Director Beth Eck, Ashley White and all workers are to be thanked and saluted for the loving sacrifices they make on a daily basis to help those who cannot help themselves.
Just in case you wonder where the name came from, it is the name of the wacky character in the 2006 movie, “Talladega Nights” — the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, starring Will Ferrell. They knew the name had to have a Ricky in it to honor the shelter’s worker Ricky Melton, who successfully delivered the baby.

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